Áreas de negocio


We have modern facilities, with quality certifications. Focusing our effort, mainly, on the planting of new varieties, production equipment, machinery and facilities, to offer greater quality and food safety in our products to the customer and end consumer.

We are a producers and marketers specialized in stone and pip fruit, which integrates the entire value chain of the product into its activities, from harvesting to marketing. To process this production, we have an advanced technology fruit and vegetable center, which provides us with a homogeneous packaging capacity.


The market environment for fruits and vegetables is changing very fast. The Alange Fruits portfolio of packaging systems for fruits and vegetables can help you find the most suitable option to serve your customers. We adapt to the packaging needs of our customers.

Wholesale Distribution

Collaboration with a large number of suppliers located in the main international production areas allows us to guarantee the availability of a wide range of products throughout the campaign.

We manage the entire process and operations involved in fruit and vegetable exports, from origin to our warehouses, ensuring compliance with current legislation and carrying out quality controls at origin and destination. All this to ensure compliance with the specifications agreed with our clients.

We put at your service all our cold distribution infrastructure with which we can place the product in 24 hours at any point of the Spanish geography. We have groupage with which we adapt to the needs of each client, making mixed pallets and any type of customized supply.